Mission & Values Statement


Wise County will foster the highest quality of life possible for its citizens through a responsive and open government. It will provide services that are effective, in an economical and efficient manner, that not only meet but also anticipate, as well as possible, the needs and expectations of the people of Wise County.

Statement of Values

The following values are core to Wise County's success in accomplishing its mission:

Care About Quality

Caring about our citizens and the quality of services provided is the reason for the County's being. Our success in meeting needs shall be measured by outcomes and not processes implemented, workload data, or dollars spent. The quality of our service is what we are judged on by our citizens and those doing business with the County.


Maximizing resources is our goal. The County strives to maximize the return on its human, technical and financial resources to ensure that service outcomes are achieved with minimal use of resources. To this end, duplication of effort will be avoided; communication and cooperation will be fostered.

Community Involvement

Wise County invites and encourages public input. Services must be designed with the citizen in mind. The County is also committed to providing its citizens with relevant, accurate information about its goals, operations and the decisions that will affect them. Openness of the process allows for public review and participation by the citizens we serve.


Wise County is sensitive to the needs of all citizens in providing services. This is to be done in the spirit of helping individuals and serving the broader public interest. Cooperative relationships and innovation will be encouraged.

A Diligent & Ethical Workforce

Wise County's employees are its strength. Diligence is essential to our success. We must focus on "getting the job done." The County will foster a work ethic and environment that challenges and inspires all employees to be diligent, effective and efficient. Employees recognize that they are entrusted to provide public service and to conduct business in a responsive, ethical and professional manner that promotes public confidence and trust.