Paying Your Taxes

Methods of Payment

Tax bills may be paid by the following methods:


Tax bills can be paid by check, credit card check, money order or cashier's check, payable to the order of the Wise County Treasurer and submitted by mail to the Wise County Treasurer at our mailing address.

Credit Cards

Credit card and e-checks payments can be made online utilizing our payment portal: You may also call our office for assistance. For credit cards, a convenience fee of 2.75% will be charged by the provider. For an e-check, a convenience fee of $1.95 will be charged by the provider.

Pay in Person

The Wise County Treasurer's Office is located in room number 240 on the 2nd floor of the courthouse.

Drop Box

Located near the parking garage entrance at the back of Courthouse. 

Treasurer Drop Box

Pay at Bank

Payments may be made at participating banks in Wise County with a current tax ticket. Ticket must be paid in full. You do not have to have an account at the bank, nor is there a fee for this service. Banks will accept payments on or before the due date. After that date, payments must be paid directly to the Wise County Treasurer's Office.

Participating area banks are:

  • First Bank and Trust in Wise and Norton
  • Miners Exchange in Coeburn, Norton, Appalachia, Wise and St. Paul
  • New Peoples in Esserville and Big Stone Gap
  • Powell Valley National in Wise and Big Stone Gap

Any payment not honored by the bank will be assessed a service charge of $25.

Direct Payments

The Direct Payment program allows you to make payments on your Wise County taxes automatically each month. When you enroll in the Direct Payment program, we will deduct the amount you choose to be applied to your local taxes monthly. The deduction will be on or about the 5th day of each month. To sign up for the Direct Payment plan, you will need to complete and sign an electronic authorization form or contact the Wise County Treasurer's Office to obtain an authorization form and additional information.

State Deadlines

  • State Income Tax: May 1
  • Estimated Income Tax 1st Voucher: May 1
  • Estimated Income Tax 2nd Voucher: June 15
  • Estimated Income Tax 3rd Voucher: September 15
  • Estimated Income Tax 4th Voucher: January 15