Dog Tags

Licenses Required by Ordinance

Article II Section 4-19:20 of the Wise County Ordinance states: "All dogs 4 months or older are required to be licensed in Wise County. The dog licenses shall be for the calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st."

Non-compliance will be reported to the Wise County Animal Control.


According to Article II Section 4-22 of the Wise County Ordinance, pricing for dog tags are as follows:

  • 1 year - $5
  • 3 year - $12
  • Kennel tags of twenty (20) dogs - $25, plus $0.50 for each dog in excess of twenty (20)


You must present a certificate of vaccination, properly executed and signed by the licensed veterinarian performing the vaccination, specifying the date of the vaccination and the date required for revaccination.

If your dog has received a three-year vaccination, you may purchase a three-year dog tag as long as there is at least 24 months remaining on the certificate.