Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) & E911

Welcome to the Wise County Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) Department.

The GIS Department strives to maintain a high quality, uniform standard of geographic information across all the local government departments and offices, and to publish the most accurate mapping data possible for the public servants and the residents of Wise County.

911 House Numbering Posting Requirements

  • Place house numbers on existing building within 10 days of notification of the assigned address.
  • Street address numbers must be at least 3 inches in height and must be made of a clearly visible material.
  • Place house numbers on, above, below, or at the side of the main entrance.
  • Whenever a structure in the county is more than 50 feet from the street, and a structure in the town is more than 25 feet from the street, the number shall be placed along a walk, driveway, or other suitable location so that the address is discernable from the street.