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Douglas Mullins, Jr. Commissioner of the Revenue

Commissioner of the Revenue

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Douglas Mullins, Jr.
Master Commissioner of the Revenue

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Assessment Office

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John Mullins Chief Property Assessor,
Master Deputy Commissioner
Mineral Assessments,
Sales Ratio Study,
Management of Reassessment Planning
Greg Bolling Master Deputy Commissioner,
Land Use Coordinator
Assessments of New Construction,
Property Transfers by Will,
Gas & Oil Wells
Brandon White Master Deputy Commissioner,
Manufactured Housing Specialist
Assessments of New Construction,
Manufactured Dwellings,
Assessment Manual

Commissioner's Office

Wise County Courthouse
206 E. Main St.
Rooms 224, 225 & 226
PO Box 1278
Wise VA  24293
(276) 328-3556
Fax (276) 328-6937
All of our assessors are members of the Virginia Association of Assessing Officers. VA Assoc. of Assessing Officers

The purpose of the Assessment Office is to ensure fair and equal taxation, by employing established methods of appraisal in combination with cutting edge technology.

Through the science of mass appraisal, our trained & experienced assessors are equipped to serve Wise County through professional and accountable practices that correspond to the requirements of state law, as well as, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Our assessments are public information and are made available through our online assessment website, EagleWeb.



A general reassessment is necessary to ensure that current property assessments reflect an accurate value of what property is truly worth, based on the fair market.  Both fair market assessment and countywide general reassessment cycles are mandated by Virginia state law.   (Code of Virginia:  § 58.1-3201, § 58.1-3252.)  This is referred to as “ad valorem taxation.”  This is a normal function of government that exists in every locality in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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How does the Assessor value my property?

Our Assessment Team has been trained in a variety of appraisal techniques, including sales comparison, cost assessment and mass appraisal.  After a thorough Sales Study of the county and a cost analysis of the attributes and extra features associated with a property, our assessors have been careful to take all factors into consideration when conducting an assessment.

The two major components that contribute value to a real estate appraisal are raw land and all the improvements added to it.

A.  Land:

In order to assess land appropriately, the assessor must evaluate all contributing factors to value, based on their degree of influence.  The major factors which help determine the value of land are listed below:

  1. Location:  The most influential factor in the value of land is its location.  The neighborhood where a piece of property is located can either add to or detract from its value.
  2. Sales:  To be accurate and consistent, our office follows the principle of ad valorem taxation.  Our Assessment Team is very familiar with the range of prices for which land sells in different areas of this county and we work daily with new sales and transfers, which keeps us apprised of all current trends.
  3. Potential:  In order to take into account the land's highest and best use, assessors must consider its potential usage.
  4. Contour:  Simply put, this is the lay of the land.
  5. Site values:  Land that serves as a business site or house seat prove to sell higher on the open market.

B.  Improvements to the Land:

  1. Residential:  All factors will be considered, including quality, location, the age of the home and its physical condition.
  2. Commercial:  With such fluctuating factors as a fluid economy and expansion or reduction of business enterprises, the commercial appraiser is faced with a radically changing spectrum of variables.  Features that the assessor will consider before reaching a final valuation include:  Location and the flow of traffic, the cost of construction, potential use, economic influences, and deterioration of structures.
  3. Water & Sewer Hookups:  Please note that these are always assessed as improvments to the land.

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