Board of Supervisors - August 3, 2000 Workshop Meeting

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The Wise County Board of Supervisors met in a Workshop Meeting on Thursday, August 3, 2000, at 6:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Meeting Room located in the Wise County courthouse.  The following were present:

Honorable Robert Adkins-Chairman

Honorable Virginia Meador - Vice-Chair

Honorable Doug Mullins

Honorable Edgar Mullins

Honorable Betty Cornett

Honorable Donnie Dowell- members of said Board and

Shannon C. Scott-Acting County Administrator

Karen Mullins-County Attorney

Annette Underwood-Executive Secretary



Honorable Jeffrey Salyers

Honorable Douglas Stallard


PRAYER - Rev. Ben Murphy, Pastor First Church of God, Wise, led the Board in prayer.



There were no additions nor deletions to the agenda.



Don King addressed the Board on behalf of the World War II Veterans Memorial for which $15,000,000 is needed to construct America's National World War II Memorial on the Mall in Washington D.C.  This is a tribute long overdue to the men and women who helped win World War II, both overseas and on the home front.  Mr. King asked for any financial assistance the Board can afford toward this event.  He asked that this request be placed on the next agenda for action at the next meeting.

There being no further public comments, the public expression period was closed.



A public hearing was duly advertised for this date to receive citizens' comments regarding new E-911 road name additions (previously unnamed).

There being no public comments regarding said road names, the public hearing was closed.



The Coal & Gas Road payments were reviewed.



Mr. Branson informed the Board that the request for funding in the amount of $82,750.00 for the LP Industrial Park Road (Sykes Boulevard) will be addressed at the Coal & Gas Road Meeting to be held at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 10, 2000.  At that time, a decision will be made regarding this proposed funding.  Approval by the Coal & Gas Road Committee is expected.



Mr. Branson reviewed the payments for the stadium turning lane project on Dardin Drive for a total cost of $349,703.50, which includes the change order cost of  $65,686.00.  He recommended approval of the $65,686.00 Change Order.



A schedule of upcoming construction events was reviewed with the Board.



T & L representative Bill King gave the Board a brief update on the progress of the Blackwood Landfill Expansion Project.  Mr. King stated that the County had received a letter from DEQ this week indicating that they intend to recommend that phases one & two of the Blackwood Landfill be required to close as of year 2020.  Phase one & two were designed, permitted, and constructed under the l988 regulations and phase three was designed and permitted under the l993 regulations.  DEQ is saying that anything that does not comply with the l993 regulations will be closed depending upon the risk that is presented to the environment.  Phase one & two have been given a low level risk by DEQ which gives the maximum period of 2020.  The first concern of T&L is that they have predicated the landfill to last at a minimum until 2028 with the last eight years of life to be the most cost efficient for the county.  The second concern is that the wall must be put back. The years that are being removed, are the most inexpensive period of operation for the County.  The closure cost will also be increased due to the decrease in time for the sinking fund to produce the needed funding for the closure cost.  There will also be an added cost for reclaiming the highwall, which was scheduled to be done with solid waste. 

Mr. King recommended that all the documentation recently received from DEQ be thoroughly reviewed and a meeting be set up with the Director of Enforcement in Richmond to ascertain DEQ's position on this issue.  He noted that there is a public hearing to be held in Abingdon on September 11th at which time T&L would like to make a presentation to DEQ with exhibits showing Wise County's concerns on this early closure.  T&L would also like to make written comments at the public comment period that ends on October 13th to further enhance Wise County's stand on this issue.         

If the steps that are taken by T&L to regain the years that DEQ has deleted from the life of the landfill fails, Mr. King recommended that the Board consider the possibility of getting some type of legislation for the upcoming session for a possible exemption on this early closure since the County has complied with all of DEQ's regulations and requirements.

Attorney Mullins said in her opinion, this is only a recommendation from DEQ and they will be receptive to the County's concerns especially since the County has worked with them to comply with all their regulations.   She said she would work with T&L on this issue as needed.



Attorney Mullins advised that she and Highway Resident Engineer T.G. Branson are in the process of reviewing the county deed regarding the request from James Mullins for an easement through county property to a cemetery in the Pound area.  Ms. Mullins said this portion of land was conveyed to the County by Clinchfield to allow the road to be built to the Red Onion Prison.  After the Road was completed, the County was obligated to convey back to Clinchfield the property not used for the road.  At the present time, there are some unanswered questions as to the ownership of said property.  It is a possibility that Clinchfield will need to be contacted regarding the requested easement.  



Administrator Scott informed the Board that he had contacted three attorneys regarding legal counsel for the proposed annexation by the Town of Big Stone Gap with responses from only two attorneys.  Having no response from the third attorney, an attempt was made to contact him by phone with no response as of 5:00 p.m. today.  Mr. Scott explained that an attorney would be placed on a retainer for which there is no cost until such time the town of Big Stone Gap takes this matter before the Commission on Local Government.



A letter was written to the Town of Big Stone Gap from Suzanne Lawson, Director, Pupil Personnel Services for Wise County Schools, and a copy was sent the Administrator's Office which stated that through the efforts of two towns and their respective police departments; Wise County Schools will have resource officers in St. Paul and Pound.  Through the efforts of the Sheriff's Department, the local police and the Wise County School Board staff, funding has been received for two additional officers in the Wise and Coeburn communities.  The School Board was unable to apply for funds for the Big Stone Gap community because the grant application would not allow funds to be supplanted since the grant monies were federal dollars flowing through the Governor's Office.  This meant that any programs currently using local funds for school resource officers were not eligible for the grants.

In addition, the school Communities That Care Survey from the previous school year, which looked at risk factors for substance abuse as well as actual use, indicated that Powell Valley High and Powell Valley Middle School had the most significant problems with substance abuse in the county and in some cases were above the national average.

Ms. Lawson requested the Town Council of Big Stone Gap to reconsider funding the school resource officer position for Powell Valley High and Middle Schools for next year whereby the school system is willing to provide 25% of the cost.



Administrator Scott informed the Board that the Connector Road Committee would receive and review the bids on the Ramsey/Wise Connector Road Project on Friday of this week.  Due to the time constraints for this project, the committee will bring a recommendation back to the Board for action at its meeting on Thursday, August 10.

After successful negotiations with either the first or second bidder, at the September 14th   Board meeting, the contract can be awarded.



A petition was received in the County Administrator's Office from citizens of the Bull Run area requesting a trash compactor at the convenience center on Bull Run Road to accommodate the elderly and the women in disposing of their garbage.

Administrator Scott advised that the primary complaint is that the older people are unable to reach high enough to get their garbage into the trash containers.  The Public Works Superintendent has devised a type of dumpster that will accommodate the people and meet their needs for disposing of their garbage.  The compactor trailer was moved because of the small volume of waste generated at that convenience center and moved to the new site recently opened at Toms Creek which saved the county approximately $63,000.



  1. Appalachia Landfill Update (Scott Wilson will address the Board next meeting)
  2. Stonega Comprehensive Community Planning Project
  3.  Landfill Use Fee
  4. Rezoning/Ron Stidham(Sportsman Drive)
  5. Rezoning/Ron Stidham(Hurricane Road)
  6. Bland County /Coyote Problem
  7. Building Refund
  8. Commissioner of Revenue Request For Refund
  9. Appointments
  10. Wise County Haz-Mat Agreement
  11. Payment of Accounts
  12. E-911 Payments
  13. Blackwood Enterprise Fund Payments
  14. Enterprise Fund Payments
  15. Board Comments
  16. Closed Session



There was some discussion on the mosquitoes that are being generated from the Glamorgan Coal holding pond in the Stevens section.

Administrator Scott advised that he has already written a letter to Glamorgan Coal with a copy being sent to DMME regarding this problem.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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