Board of Supervisors - February 3, 2000 Workshop Meeting

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The Wise County Board of Supervisors met in a Workshop meeting on Thursday, February  3, 2000, at 6:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors meeting room located in the Wise County courthouse.  The following were present:

Honorable Robert Adkins-Chairman
Honorable Virginia Meador-Vice-Chair
Honorable Betty Cornett
Honorable Douglas Mullins
Honorable Edgar Mullins
Honorable Douglas Stallard
Honorable Donnie Dowell
Honorable Jeffrey Salyers-members of said Board and
Shannon C. Scott-Acting County Administrator
Karen Mullins-County Attorney
Annette Underwood-Executive Secretary


Rev. Ray Jones, Pastor Wise Baptist Church, led the Board in prayer.



It was the consensus of the Board to approve the agenda as presented.


Doug Kilgore addressed the Board regarding the landfill use fee.  He voiced his disapproval in the method that was used to determine the fee to be paid by businesses in the county.  He suggested that every company be billed a flat fee..  He asked that the rules regarding the use of the convenience centers be changed to allow small businesses to dump there.

Chairman Adkins explained that the method used to catorgize the businesses was thought to be fair and equitable.  However, since the billings have gone out it has become necessary to review some of these businesses for reclassification due to the nature of  the business, etc.  He further noted that a possible change can be made at the convenience centers whereby a small pick up truck will be allowed to dump there.

Walter Crouse spoke briefly on the water situation in the Hurricane area and the fact that there was no water on January 1.   He suggested that PSA look into replacing the pipe that has been there for many years.  He noted that Coastal Coal Company wants to mine near the Wise reservoir which would be determintal to the water system if  the reservoir was cracked from blasting.  He asked the Board to take a strong stand against any mining near the town reservoir. 

He also asked that the Board consider changing the rules about people being able to change the  zoning without proper notification .

There being no further comments the public expression was closed.


Ken Robinson, representing VDOT, reviewed the gravel payments and informed the Board of  upcoming  meetings.

Jeff Salyers asked Mr. Robinson to check the possibility of getting a guardrail installed above the home of Bruce Beverly who lives in the Pine Camp section to protect them and their family from cars that veer off the road onto their property.


Bill King, representing Thompson & Litton, gave the Board an update on the construction of Phase III-A of the Blackwood Landfill Expansion.  He said as soon as the permit is permitted, the landfill will be ready for use.  He commended the county landfill staff  for their efforts put forth in assisting in this expansion.

Mr. King commented briefly on the Change Order #1 from Phillips & Jordan for changes needed during construction with a recommendation that the change order be approved.  Also, it would be of benfit to the contractor, if the change order is approved, to authorize the  County Administrator to pay for some of the work that has already been completed which would involve an increase of $23,000 on the payment application presently before the Board.


Chairman Adkins informed the Board that the Sheriff's Department  has agreed to assume the duties of  the litter warden with one of his deputies until July 1.   The 4-wheel drive vehicle that was used by the previous litter warden will be made available to this deputy for off-road calls that would be inaccessible to his regular vehicle.  This vehicle will be properly equipped by the Sheriff's Department for this use.  At this time, with Board approval, only one deputy will be needed.

Doug Stallard noted that in l996 the Board helped the Sheriff in getting funding for the COPS program which is presently funding this particular position in the Sheriff's Department. 


At its meeting last month, the Board received a letter from Bush Industries located in St. Paul  requesting the Board to consider disposing of its saw dust in the county landfill at Blackwood.  There was some question as to whether or not this industry was located in Wise County or Russell County.

The Board received word of a recent survey from Russell County which stated that the property of Bush Industries is not, in any part, located in Wise County  but is entirely in Russell County.  Being outside the County, the Board is not obligated to dispose of the saw dust.  Also receiving this material would be against the WiseCounty Solid Waste Ordinance.  Due to the spontaneous combustion of this saw dust, it would have to be handled in a special way and could further cause environmental problems.  Chairman Adkins recommended that this request be laid on the table indefinitely due to the risks involved in its disposal.


Olin Mumpower, representing SDA 1 of the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission,  gave the Board a brief background of the proposed Workforce Investment Act.  The new Workforce Investment Act will  replace the Jobs Training Partnership Act which has been in existence since l983.  A resolution has been adopted whereby the Wise County Board of Supervisors agreed to join with the other counties in the coalfield areas and the City of Norton  to request that the State and the Governor designate these counties and the City of Norton as a Workforce Investment Area.  The resolution was sent to the State and the  application was approved by the Virginia Workforce Council on November 19, 1999.   Information has been received since that time giving authority to start the process with a signed affidivate forthcoming from the governor.  

The second step of the process will be the adoption of the Chief Local Elected Officials   Agreement whereby all the jurisdictions involved would agree to combine and form a consortium,  which  consortium, once it was approved and agreed upon,  will appoint the local workforce investment Board.  The Chief local Elected Official, or his designee, will serve on this Board and represent the Board of Supervisors.

He noted that most of the other counties have met and approved this agreement.  If approved by this Board, Robert Adkins would be Wise County's representative on this consortium.

The Workforce Investment Board for the area would be made up of approximately thirty-eight members.  Twenty would be private business representatives the other eighteen would be taken from various agencies in the immediate area.  The law stated that the majority of this Board must be from private businesses and certain mandated positions must also apply. 

The programs under this act are required to be up and going by July 1, 2000.

Mr. Mumpower asked the Board to adopt the Chief Local Elected Officials Agreement which basically helps form the consortium with the other six counties and the City of Norton.
Mr. Mumpower noted that there has been a "gentlemans agreement"  made whereby  there would be  equal representation and equal appointments on this consortium.

There was some discussion as to how the nominations for this consortium would be handled


Faye Barker and Paula Mullins, came before the Board thanking them for its continued support of Pro-Art.  An update was given on the quality of programs that are sponsored by Pro-Art and the cultural entertainment that is being brought to Wise County.

They asked that the Board consider a contribution of $10,000 for FY 2000/2001, which will help with the tremendous costs of presenting these programs.  The deadline to apply for matching funds from the Virginia Commission for the Arts is April 3.


Treasurer Rita Holbrook asked the Board for an additional full-time employee at a salary of $18,600 and for additional part-time monies of  $7,000.


(1)    911 Road Name Addition (Set Public Hearing)
(2)    Advertisement for Property Insurance Bids
(3)    Advertise For Insurance RFP's
(4)    Discretionary Fund Disbursement
(5)    Building Refund
(6)    Appointments
(7)    Rezoning/Arnie Riggs (Set Public Hearing)
(8)    Landfill Use Fee Refunds
(9)    Highlands Juvenile Detention Center Request
(10)  Payment of Accounts
(11)  E-911 Payments
(12)  Blackwood Landfill Enterprise Fund Payments
(13)  Richmond Leadership Conference
(14)  Board Comments

Administrator Scott briefed the Board on the proposed reimbursement to the County for expenses incurred during the drought.  He also gave an update on the Richmond Marketing efforts.


There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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