Board of Supervisors - March 29, 2012 Special Called Meeting

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The Wise County Board of Supervisors met in a Special called meeting on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 5:00 PM in the Board of Supervisors meeting room located in the Wise County Courthouse.  The following were present:

Honorable Robert R. Adkins – Chairman
Honorable Virginia Meador – Vice-Chair
Honorable Dana Kilgore
Honorable Robert E. Robbins, Jr.
Honorable J. H. Rivers
Honorable Fred Luntsford
Honorable Ronald L. Shortt
Honorable Steve Bates – members of said Board and
Shannon C. Scott – County Administrator
David L. Cox – Finance Administrator
Karen T. Mullins – County Attorney
Annette Underwood – Executive Secretary


Chairman Adkins stated that two (2) Board members have requested this Special Called Meeting for the purpose of approving a resolution for interdivisional consolidation and to have public expression on same. 


Dr. Perry provided a power point presentation on the proposed Wise County and City of Norton Interdivisional Concept.  He reviewed the following:

Interdivisional Consolidation Elements:

  1. Finance and Governance

  2. Personnel

  3. Plant Operations

  4. Student Issues

  5. Athletics

  6. Instructional and Curriculum

  7. Benefits

  8. Consequences

  9. Conslusions/Recommendation

    • Short time period to act

    • Consequences will be severe

    • Consequences will be immediate

    • Can Protect staff

    • Can improve school

    • Can help deal with future

    • Recommend resolution

  • Recognizes benefits

  • States general support

  • Authorization to move forward

  • Engage legal services

There was discussion on the LCI and benefits to be reaped from the proposed interdivisional consolidation concept for the City of Norton and Wise County.

Dr. Perry explained that all four (4) Boards will have to come on board with this concept if it is to go forward.  If any one Board fails to adopt the resolution, the interdivisional consolidation concept will be dead.


A recess was taken a 7:15 PM
The meeting reconvened at 7:27 PM


The following individuals opposed the proposed interdivisional consolidation concept:

  • Harold Greear, a resident of Pound

  • David Gent, a resident of Pound

  • Stacy Carson, a resident of Pound

The following individuals supported the proposed consolidation concept:

  • Charlene Green, a resident of Coeburn

  • Bill Bevins, a resident of Wise

  • Debbie Dickenson, a resident of Big Stone Gap

Walter Crouse, a resident of Hurricane, felt that Norton should donate the land that is proposed for the consolidation concept with Norton.  In his opinion, the City of Norton is not giving anything toward the consolidation.

Gail Brice ???? asked the Board to look at the history of Wise County and be visionaries.

There being no further comments, the public expression period was closed.


Supervisor Robbins voiced his concern that he was not up to date on the interdivisional consolidation concept and needed more time to digest the information before him.  After reviewing the proposed resolution, he asked that item  #2 in the resolution be deleted. 

Attorney Mullins explained that item #2 sets out a general outline to consider in developing towards a complete agreement.  This is not the actual agreement.

Supervisor Rivers questioned some of the wording in the resolution as not being transparent.  He voiced  his concern regarding the items in Exhibit A.  After reviewing the resolution and commenting on item #4, which relates to legal counsel, he asked that it be deleted.   This item, he said, is premature at this point.

There was a general discussion regarding the local composite index and the financial impact it would have on the City of Norton and Wise County if consolidation with Norton were to go forward.
Supervisor Rivers said he did not want Norton consolidation to be only a 15 year thing.  As tax payers, he said, it must be made clear that there be a revenue stream, some financial means by which Norton would pay their fair share.  His preference would be through revenue sharing.  He does not support exhibit A .

Supervisor Shortt felt that this resolution is a discussion point and the different issues will be addressed at the appropriate time.

After further discussion, Mr. Rivers made a motion to approve the resolution except for #2, which he asked be deleted, and to modify item #4 to say [when it becomes necessary, hire legal counsel to represent Wise County independently], and in the fourth paragraph, change the language “appears to”  have potential to “will” have potential.  Steve Bates seconded the motion.

Dana Kilgore made a substitute motion to approve the resolution to include item #2 because that is a general outline plan, and make the changes to item #4, and the fourth paragraph language as noted by Mr. Rivers.  Robby Robbins seconded the motion.

Aye-    Dana Kilgore               Nay-    J. H. Rivers
            Steve Bates                              Virginia Meador
            Robby Robbins
            Ronnie Shortt
            Bob Adkins
            Fred Luntsford

Motion Carried.

RESOLUTION #       -- 2012 (Resolution School Interdivisional Consolidation Norton / Wise County)

(Said resolution is on file in the County Administrator’s Office)


A motion was made by Ronnie Shortt, seconded by Dana Kilgore, to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was unanimously approved.

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Shannon C. Scott, Clerk                                               Robert R. Adkins, Chairman

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