Board of Supervisors - February 5, 2004 Workshop Meeting

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The Wise County Board of Supervisors met in a Workshop meeting on Thursday, February 5, 2004 at 6:00 PM in the Board of Supervisors meeting room located in the Wise County courthouse.  The following were present:

Honorable John W. Peace - Chairman

Honorable Fred Luntsford - Vice-Chairman

Honorable Robert Adkins

Honorable Steve Bates

Honorable Ronnie Shortt

Honorable Virginia Meador

Honorable Robert Robbins - members of said Board and

Edward L. Sealover - County Administrator

Shannon C. Scott - Assistant County Administrator

Karen T. Mullins - County Attorney

Annette Underwood - Executive Secretary



Honorable Leland Branham



T. G. Branson led the Board in prayer.



All led in the pledge of allegiance to the flag.



Review minutes for approval at the next meeting.



Bob Adkins asked that the County transfer to the Treasurer's Office $7200 from the reserve for emergencies/contingency line item for extra help during this tax season.  He asked that this be placed under the Consent agenda. 

Ronnie Shortt asked that this item be placed on the agenda for discussion.



Muiread Craft. Project Coordinator for the Lonesome Pine Soil and Water Conservation District, presented a power point presentation on the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) from the Department of Environmental Quality. The Guest River Group has been selected to write an Implementation Plan for the TMDL document.  To write such a plan, the Guest River Group is inviting any group that is involved with the land use decisions in the Guest River watershed.  Ms. Craft asked the Board to consider appointing an individual to participate in developing this plan.

Robby Robbins volunteered his services to help implement this plan that is vital to cleaning up the streams in our county.



Russell Minich, Project Coordinator for the Timmons Group, provided a power point presentation on the E-911 data base development and mapping process for Wise County.  He gave a brief overview of the goal and objectives of this endeavor.



A public hearing was duly advertised for this date to receive citizens' comments regarding a proposed ordinance on an Assessment of Fee for Disposal of Solid Waste.

Joe Bolling objected to raising the residential fee for waste disposal.  He questioned the mechanism for arriving at this rate.

Roy Bonny, owner of 100 plus trailers, objected to the owner of a trailer park or apartment building having to pay their tenants disposal fee.  He said this would place an undue burden on the owners who has no means of forcing the tenants to pay the fee.  Mr. Bonnie stated that this problem was addressed with a previous Board at which time the owners agreed to provide their tenants names and addresses to enable the County to collect the fee.  He asked the Board to consider his request and bill the tenants instead of the owners.

Gary Barnett objected to the increased landfill fee.  He suggested putting in an incinerator to dispose of the garbage. 

Cathy Selvage asked the Board to table this proposed ordinance for further study.    She asked that any future ordinances being brought before the Board for adoption be placed on web site for public view.

Leon Meade voiced his opposition to the increase in the fee.  He asked for more enforcement of the ordinance for a cleaner county.



Mike Abbott and Dan Minahan came before the Board requesting its continued support for Pro-Art in the amount of $10,000 for performances in public and in the Wise County schools.  Under the Local Government Challenge Grant, the Virginia Commission for the Arts will match the county's contribution up to $5,000.  He noted the deadline for matching funds is April 1.

Mr. Minahan gave a brief overview of Pro-Art's activities and the economic impact these performances have in our county as well as improving communications with other countries.  He asked the Board's favorable consideration to their request.



Mary Ellen Kelley asked the Board's assistance in getting the matter of an illegal zoning on her property corrected.  The zoning in question was done on property owned by the Kelley's & Stapleton's neither of which requested said zoning.  Ms. Kelley described to the Board the lengths that she has gone through to try and get this corrected but her efforts have been ignored or either fell upon deaf ears.  She asked the Board to assist her with an immediate intervention in correcting this wrong and injustice that is being dealt to her and other citizens of Wise County.



Highway Resident Engineer T. G. Branson presented each Board member with a copy of a VDOT manual, which provides new members of the Board or other public officials a better understanding of VDOT, and its activities with a broad overview of its policies and guidelines.   



Mr. Branson briefly explained the Board's participation in the Supplemental Revenue Sharing for FY 2003-04 and the Revenue Sharing Program for FY 2004-05.  He noted that the matching funds for this program will be voted on by the Coal & Gas Road Committee prior to next Thursday's meeting. 

There were brief comments from Board members.



(1)  Set public hearing (6:00 PM March 4) on local community development and housing needs in relation to Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding

(2)  Set public hearing (6:00 PM March 11) on the proposed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application to be submitted to the VA Dept of Housing & Community Development for the North Fork Water Project

(3)  Proclamation Commending the Wise County Chamber of Commerce for 50 years of services to Wise County and the City of Norton

(4)  Proclamation Recognizing UVA's College at Wise for its fifty years of continually improving educational opportunities for Southwest Virginia and The Commonwealth

(5)  Budget amendment #16:  Increase General Fund Revenues by $6900 (grant); deposit in Emergency Services/Civil Defense miscellaneous line item

(6)  Budget amendment #17:  Increase General Fund revenues by $45,298 (grant); deposit in Emergency Services/Civil Defense miscellaneous line item

(7)  Budget amendment #18:  Increase General Fund revenues by $133,014; deposit in Emergency Services/Civil Defense miscellaneous line item

(8)  Transfer from reserve for emergencies/contingency line item $4500 to Legal Services (County Attorney) professional services-other line item (outside counsel, landfill use fee lawsuits)

(9)  Resolution granting concurrent jurisdiction to UVA WISE campus police

(10) Appointments

(11) County Attorney's Report (None)

(12) County Administrator's Report (None)

(13) Fiscal Status Report (Available February 12)



Steve Bates asked that a resolution or letter be written supporting the appointment of Tim Cox to the Game and Inland Fisheries Board.

Ronnie Shortt asked that future agendas be placed on web site as well as all proposed ordinances.  He also recognized Jackie Darter, Superintendent of Public Works and his staff for the good work they do on a daily basis. 

Fred Luntsford, Co-Chair of the Action Committee for the Landfill Use Fee reported that the first meeting of the committee was positive and informational.  A second meeting is being scheduled within the next few days.

Virginia Meador congratulated the children and teachers of the Powell Valley and Appalachia schools for their SOL scores.

John Peace asked that a letter be written to the County's two (2) senators regarding body armor for the National Guard members that are being sent to Iraq.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.




_______________________     _______________________

Clerk - Edward Sealover           Chairman - John Peace II

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