Board of Supervisors - April 3, 2003 Workshop Meeting

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The Wise County Board of Supervisors met in a Workshop meeting on Thursday, April 3, 2003, at 6:00 PM in the Board of Supervisors meeting room located in the Wise County courthouse.  The following were present:

Honorable Douglas Stallard - Chairman

Honorable Betty Cornett - Vice-Chair

Honorable Barry D. Nelson

Honorable Virginia Meador

Honorable Edgar Mullins

Honorable Robert Adkins

Honorable Jeffrey Salyers

Honorable Robert Robbins - members of said Board and

Edward L. Sealover - County Administrator

Shannon C. Scott- Assistant County Administrator

Karen T. Mullins - County Attorney

Annette Underwood - Executive Secretary






All gave the pledge of allegiance to the flag.



Edgar Mullins asked that Item # 27 and #28 be taken from the consent agenda and place under new business to be voted on separately.



Orland Sten Olsen, Jr., District Ranger for the U.S. Forestry Service, presented the Board with a brief overview and highlights of the draft for the National Forest Land Management Plans.  The key highlights were: 1) to maintain healthy forests 2) to ensure clean water 3) protecting roadless areas 4) providing habitat for species 5) enhancing scenic beauty and recreation and protecting the wilderness.  Mr. Olsen spoke regarding special sections of the County that is being scheduled for clear cutting.

Edgar Mullins expressed his opposition for clear cutting in Wise County.



  1. Dr. Terrance Suarez, President MECC:  College update and present information on MECC's local funds budget request (April 10 meeting)
  2. National County Government Week in Wise County Events:  recognition and contest winners (April 10 meeting)
  3. Dr. Michael Basham:  FY 2003-04 public schools funding request (April 10 meeting)



Walter Crouse expressed his appreciation to all those individuals who participated in the electronics recycling collection day that was held at Zion's Family Ministries on Saturday, March 29.  He asked for volunteers to help with the clean up scheduled for April 26.

Elmer Phillips expressed his opposition to the county decal and asked that it be placed on next month's agenda for discussion.  He also gave the Board some suggestions on ways to inform the public as to where their taxes are going.  He further offered suggestions on cutting taxes instead of raising them.

Paul Ison addressed the Board regarding a pump and haul system for Ambrose Branch Coal Company.  He said the area in which his office is located; the land will not perk for a septic system.  He asked the Board to consider his request.

Chairman Stallard asked Mr. Ison to leave his request with the County Administrator and he would ascertain the proper channels for getting the pump and haul permit.

Bob Blair and Jerry Fields, representing FEMA, informed the Board that disaster assistance is available to residents who sustained losses or damage during the recent heavy rainfall.  Mr. Fields presented an information sheet with a phone number and information for those needing assistance. 

There being no further public comments, the public expression period was closed.



T. G. Branson, Highway Resident Engineer, gave a brief update on repairs being made to roads/bridges throughout the county.



Mr. Branson informed the Board that additional revenue sharing funds are available through the Revenue Sharing Program for FY 2002-2003.  He recommended participation in the additional funding. 

Mr. Branson noted that the Coal & Gas Road Committee had met and approved additional funding for the revenue sharing funds program if funds were available. 

Board members presented needs in their district to Mr. Branson for his review.



The following items were reviewed:

  1. Set public hearing (6:00 PM May 1) proposed Use Value Ordinance
  2. Set public hearing (6:00 PM May 1) Ola Cantrell rezoning

Budget Amendments

  1. No. 25:  Increase General Fund revenues by $30,000 (CDBG funds) place in appropriate line items of Derby Project budget
  2. No. 26:  Increase General Fund revenues by $12,672 (FEMA Local All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning Grant) distribute among appropriate line items in Emergency Services budget
  3. No. 27:  Increase General Fund revenues by $450 (Project Lifesaver Special Fund) place in Sheriff's (Law Enforcement ) police supplies line item to purchase two transmitters (Pull from consent agenda)
  4. No. 28:  Increase General Fund revenues by $75 (Victim Witness Special Fund) place in Victim-Witness travel/training line item (Pull from consent agenda)

Transfer from reserve for emergencies/contingency line item

  1. $1,208 to Tourism Committee for Kiosks lighting costs

Resolution of Support for an Engineering Degree at UVA's College at Wise

Resolution Approving Transfer of School Property to Town of St. Paul

Fifth MOU Between T&L & Board of Supervisors for Blackwood Landfill -Gas Remediation Plan



  1. Consider Agreement with Highlands Juvenile Detention Commission
  2. Appointments
  3. Fiscal Status Report Through March (Available April 10)
  4. County Attorney's Report (None)
  5. County Administrator's Report (None)
  6. Closed session (Legal Matters:  consult with attorney/staff concerning annexation, boundary adjustments and disposition of publicly held real property)



Edgar Mullins stated that he has received a complaint from an individual living in the Stephens area regarding the holding ponds owned by Glamorgan Coal Company.  There were concerns that this might be a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Mr. Mullins also asked that the Railroad Company be contacted about removing a railroad trestle that has fallen in the creek in the Stephens Community causing flooding during heavy rains. 

Betty Cornett commented on the boulders and rocks that have washed on to individual yards from the nearby streams.  These homes are located on Fisher Road in the Wildcat section of Big Stone Gap.

Robby Robbins asked that Bear Creek be added to the list of streams for restoration since several citizens addressed the Board last month of the devastation it has done to their property.

Bob Adkins spoke briefly on the FEMA Grant for Emergency planning.

Virginia Meador asked if any thing could be done regarding the trash that has accumulated in the trees and branches along the roads.

Jeff Salyers congratulated Harold Markham for his many years of service at the Coeburn Police Department.



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.



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Clerk                                 Chairman

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