Board of Supervisors - February 6, 2003 Workshop Meeting

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The Wise County Board of Supervisors met a Workshop meeting on Thursday, February 6, 2003, at 6:00 PM in the Board of Supervisors meeting room located in the Wise County courthouse.  The following were present:

Honorable Douglas A. Stallard - Chairman

Honorable Betty Cornett - Vice-Chair

Honorable Edgar Mullins

Honorable Virginia Meador

Honorable Robert Adkins

Honorable Jeffrey Salyers

Honorable Robert Robbins- members of said Board and

Edward L. Sealover - County Administrator

Shannon C. Scott - Assistant County Administrator

Karen T. Mullins - County Attorney

Annette Underwood - Executive Secretary



Honorable Barry Nelson



Jimmy Stidham led the Board in prayer.



No additions.



Ron Howell, Environmental Health Specialists for the Wise County Health Department, addressed the Board regarding the three (3) confirmed rabies cases within Wise County.  He urged county citizens having pets over four (4) months old to be vaccinated and to keep their shots current.  Mr. Howell stressed the fact that rabies, if not treated within a certain time frame, is fatal.  He asked that the Board authorize a rabies clinic in March and April.  He also asked that a quarantine be set for a period of one week in each of the four districts to allow the Animal Wardens to check for rabies tags. 

Chairman Stallard asked that Mr. Howell make his requests to the County in writing.



Billy McConnell, representing LENOWISCO, informed the Board that Judge McGlothlin has been asked to implement a litter pick-up program (Assign A Highway Program) in Russell and Dickenson Counties whereby criminal defendants will perform this service.  In this program, the criminal defendants are assigned a specific section of road to keep clean which is periodically inspected for compliance.  If the defendant fails to keep the road clean his/her probation can be revoked.  He said this program has worked well for both Russell and Dickenson counties and hopefully will be accepted by other counties to help with our litter problems.  He also asked for $500.00 to assist in building a barrier between the green boxes at Honey Branch and the creek.  Mountain Heritage, Inc. will do the work.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is providing $500.00 for the project.



This public hearing was duly advertised for this date to receive citizens comments regarding a request from Ron Stidham for rezoning of 3.47 acres of property located along the Coeburn Mtn. Road-Paramont Road intersection across from UVA-Wise baseball field from R1 to R-2 for the purpose of constructing condominiums for sale.

Greg Gilbert, Attorney representing Ron Stidham and Emily Edmondson, informed the Board that the property is being requested for rezoning to construct multi-family units to replace the existing trailer court on that property.  These units would be built in stages and would sell in the $60,000/$70,000 range.  All building plans would be submitted to the Planning Commission for approval.  Mr. Gilbert expressed the serious housing shortage that exists in Wise County and such housing would promote growth in our region as well as the tax base. He noted that this portion of land is in the existing Comprehensive Plan to be developed for growth. If the housing units are denied, the other alternative for the property owner would be to expand the existing trailer park.

Gary Stallard, an adjacent property owner, informed the Board that his land borders the property that is up for rezoning and he fully supports the housing units since it would increase the value of his property.     

Don Green, representing property owners in the Paramont Subdivision, stated that the residents, most of whom have lived in the subdivision for 28-30 years, are against this rezoning.  He expressed the residents' concern regarding the type of people that would be living there, and perhaps cause problems in the neighborhood.  Mr. Green noted the figures given for the proposed tax base were not feasible.  He asked the Board to consider the desires of the residents living in the subdivision and deny this request.

There were three for the rezoning and approximately twelve against.

There being no further comments the public hearing was closed.



This public hearing was duly advertised for this date to receive citizens comments regarding a request from Vernade Baker for conditional zoning for one-half acre of property located at 9101 Alfred Cox Road in an A-RR to a B-1 for the purpose of continuing a retail business.

There was no one to speak for or against this request.

There being no comments, the public hearing was closed.



A public hearing was duly advertised for this date to receive citizens' comments regarding Cable Television Franchise Agreements for Charter Communications and Scott County Telecom and Electronics.

There was no public comment regarding these proposed agreements.

Edgar Mullins voiced his opposition to the term of fifteen years for the franchise agreement and the twenty homes per mile.

Jeff Salyers stated that he had received several calls regarding poor service being rendered by Scott County Telecom and Electronics due to its outdated equipment.

Administrator Sealover informed the Board that he has forwarded some of these complaints to Davis Harris for his review.

The proposed agreements were reviewed by the County Attorney as to the authority of the Board and the requirements of the cable companies.

There being no further comments, the public hearing was closed.



Sam Gilbert voiced his concern regarding the large amount of money that has been spent on the proposed annexation with Big Stone Gap.  He noted that there are organizations scrambling for money to feed the hungry and thousands of dollars are being spent on a dispute for annexation.

Hugh Kiser informed the Board that during the recent winter storm a mother and daughter came to his house trying to get help to get home since their car had broken down.  They called 911 in Wise and Norton and were refused help.  Mr. Kiser wanted to know why these two emergency departments turned away someone who needed help.

Chairman Stallard advised that he would have the County Administrator check into this matter and ascertain an answer.

Kenneth Calhoun, a resident living on the Day Town Road, stated that he had been coming to the Board meeting for one year asking that the R-O-W on Day Town Road be cleared to allow it to be taken into the secondary system.  He asked why this has not been done.

Mr. Calhoun stated that the R-O-W's have been given to the Board.  He said the lady living in the house located on the R-O-W only stays there part time and should be made to move since she is keeping a road from being built to the community living above her.



Kenny Robinson, representing VDOT during T.G. Branson's absence, reviewed the proposed resolution approving amendment to the Annual Plan for Roads and Bridges - July 1, 2002 Thru June 30, 2003.

Mr. Robinson had no remarks for VDOT.



The Consent Agenda was reviewed as followed:

  1. Set public hearing (March 6) (6:00 pm) for proposed amendment to Wise County Solid Waste Ordinance # 3-1975 Section 18-13 Litter Control
  2. Set public hearing (March 6) (6:00 pm) for proposed rezoning of 11.02 acres on Norton-Coeburn road from A-RR to R-2.
  3. Set public hearing (March 6) (6:00 pm) for proposed rezoning of 1.14 acres on Bates Airfield Road from A-RR to R-2

Budget Amendments

  1. No. 18:  Transfer $645 from the Crime Prevention Special Fund; add that amount to General Fund revenues; increase Sheriff's police supplies line item.
  2. No. 19:  Increase General Fund revenues with $6700 in Triad Crime Prevention funds; increase Sheriff's police supplies line item.
  3. No. 20:  Increase General Fund Revenues by $120,000 (NASA Grant); increase various line items in DEVELOP Budget (Clerk of Circuit Court)

Authorize Board Chairman to execute Agreement with the PSA for the South Fork Water Project.

Authorize Board Chairman to execute Agreement with the Natural Resources Conservation Services of the U.S. Dept of Agriculture for restoration of portion of Cranes Nest River, Preacher Creek and Honey Run.



  1. Appointments
  2. Audit Contract
  3. Fiscal Status Report
  4. County Attorney's Report
  5. County Administrator's Report



There were a few brief comments from Board members.



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.



___________________     _________________________

Clerk                             Chairman

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