Board of Supervisors - October 3, 2002 Workshop Meeting

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The Wise County Board of Supervisors met in a Workshop meeting on Thursday, October 3, 2002, at 6:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors meeting room located in the Wise County courthouse.  The following were present:

Honorable Douglas A. Stallard - Chairman

Honorable Jeffrey Salyers - Vice-Chairman

Honorable Douglas Mullins, Jr.

Honorable Edgar Mullins

Honorable Betty Cornett

Honorable Virginia Meador

Honorable Robert Adkins

Honorable Robert Robbins - members of said Board and

Edward L. Sealover - County Administrator

Shannon C. Scott - Assistant County Administrator

Karen Mullins - County Attorney

Annette Underwood-Executive Secretary



T. G. Branson led the Board in prayer.



All gave the pledge of allegiance to the flag.



Chairman Stallard stated that the Building Official Robert Mullins has requested that the following two (2) public hearings be removed from the agenda for further review by the Planning Commission:

  1. The public hearing of the Uniform Statewide Building Code/l996 - Volume II (BOCA Property Maintenance Code).
  2. The public hearing on the rezoning of 3.47 acres of property along the Coeburn Mountain Road/Paramont Road intersection for the location of multi-family dwellings.



Commissioner of Revenue's Office                        

Ginger Vance  
Rhonda Sturgill  
Rose Mary Holbrook


County Administrator's Office

Jeff Gilliam  
Freddy McCowan


Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Victoria Ratliff  
Jessica Swinney  
Jack Kennedy Jr.


Victim Witness Program

Victoria Wiandt


Animal Control

Carter McCoy  
Richard Church


Building Department

Cindy Kelly


Treasurer's Office

Barbara Williams


Custodial Staff

Donna Myers


Public Works Department

Vickie Lane                              Kyle Gardner
Thomas Sparks, Jr.                    Harold Barnette, Jr.
Christopher Standifer                 Waldo Nesto  
Earl Holly                                 Robert Harris  
Gary Satterfield  


Sheriff's Department

Pete Burke                  Larry Mullins
Lora Burns                   Louise Parrot
Wesley Carico              Tom Purkey  
Doug Carter                 John Richardson
Darcie Flanary              Bill Stapleton  
Jim Hill                       Kathy Sturgill  
Edward Jessee             Bob Sturgill  
Teresa Meade             

Chairman Stallard voiced the Board's appreciation to the employees for their dedicated service to Wise County.

Recognition of Retiree

Deputy James Bledsoe a retiree with the Sheriff's Office was presented a plaque for his 12 and half years of service to Wise County.



Neal Kilgore, Watershed Manager, Virginia Dept of Conservation and Recreation, spoke briefly on the projects and activities of his department with the ultimate goal of cleaning up the water in Southwest Virginia.  He noted that on the upcoming election in November, General Obligation Bonds will be on the ballet for consideration.  He asked that everyone vote favorably on this referendum. A portion of these bonds will be used toward the Department of Conservation and Recreation to help promote the water quality efforts. 

Mr. Kilgore praised the County Litter Coordinator, Carol Green, for her fire and compassion that she has shown in her job and the impact her work has had on Wise County.  He said Ms. Green is an asset to Wise County and a role model to other county coordinators.



Harold Wingate gave the Board a brief update on the status of the reassessment.  He stated that the fieldwork will be completed by December 31.  However, there may have to be an extension through January to complete all the paper work, and hearings that are involved in the reassessment process.  If an extension is necessary, Mr. Wingate said he would probably ask for sixty days to allow for any unforeseen problems that may occur.

There was some discussion on the possibility that the assessment would not be finished in time to be considered in the upcoming budget.

Some questions were raised regarding the tax rate for property owned by the coal companies.

Mr. Wingate stated that the Board could be assured that ownership of property is not considered in the decision making on the assessment of the property.

Supervisor Robbins stated that the value of land that is managed by a forester should be valued at a different rate than that of land that has not been maintained.  He said sending letters to the foresters prior to the reassessment could do this. 

It was noted that it is to late to attempt this for this reassessment but should be considered before the next reassessment.  



Hugh Kiser addressed the Board questioning the method that post-mine land is being assessed.  He said there seems to be some discrepancies in the method this type of land is assessed and that of a private landowner.

Elmer Phillips questioned why the Board meetings are no longer live on TV,

The camera man noted that a special device is needed for the camera to go forth live and that will be in place for the next meeting.

Mr. Phillips voiced his opposition to the proposed Property Maintenance Ordinance.  He spoke briefly on the costs involved to enforce this ordinance not to mention the man-hours to keep the public informed regarding the rules and regulations.

Kenneth Calhoun asked the status of the Day Town Road Project.

Attorney Mullins advised that she had not received any new information from the School Board or VDOT.  There is still a problem with the entrance to the road and the house that is sitting in the R-O-W.

Mr. Calhoun said the residents of Day Town Road have done every thing they can do to get the road into the secondary system.  He said that according to Charlie Maggard, the owner of the house in question, said the house could be torn down.  The road is on the priority list to be taken into the system and has been for twenty years but until the County has the house removed, the road cannot be constructed nor can water be extended to those residents.  He asked that some action to taken on this road.

Chairman Stallard directed Attorney Mullins to get with Mr. Calhoun and answer his questions as to the road situation and the next steps to be taken to resolve this issue.



  1. Set public hearing for dance hall license for Pit Stop Family Grill, Inc
  2. Set public hearing for lease of County owned property - Stephens area of Wise County (Pull from the consent agenda and put under Old Business for discussion)
  3. Set public hearing on proposed CDBG application for Strawberry Mtn. Water Project
  4. Resolution regarding Strawberry Mtn. Self Help Water Project
  5. Public hearing proposed ordinance creating Local Enterprise Zone Development Taxation Program
  6. Set public hearing for condition zoning/8240 Indian Creek Road
  7. Set public hearing on proposed Community Waterworks Model Ordinance (Cross Connection Control)
  8. Second Quarter Appropriations
  9. Resolution for the ARCH's Food Distribution Center Project Grant

Budget Amendments

  1. No. 8:  Increase General Fund revenues by $1529; increase the retirement and workers comp line items of Southwest VA Community Corrections by $1466 and $63
  2. No. 9:  Increase general fund revenues by $6061; increase Emergency Services, professional services line item by that amount.


Transfer from reserve for emergencies/contingency line item

  1. $  1,000 to Commissioner of Revenue dues/association membership (convention gift)
  2. $     150 to Legal Services telecommunications (County Attorney e-mail)
  3. $  1,276 to Treasurer capital outlay (replace computer)
  4. $  1,133 to Treasurer professional services - other (consult with auditor)
  5. $     445 to Board of Supervisors professional services - other (same as above)
  6. $  9,700 to Treasurer education (training for new financial management system)
  7. $15,000 to Enterprise Fund, refuse disposal debt (lease purchase of bull dozer)
  8. $    445 to Enterprise Fund, refuse disposal prof. service - other (consult with auditor)
  9. $  4,939 to Emergency Services, prof, services - other (balance of Dingus Bridge replacement cost)

       $34,088 - Total



  1. Resolution amending Chapter 6 (Training Program) of the County's Personnel Policies
  2. Award of bid for Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit
  3. Fiscal Status Report Through September
  4. County Attorney's Report
  5. County Administrator's Report (Cost Containment Strategy)
  6. Board Comments



Edgar Mullins spoke briefly about the article that was in the Coalfield Progress regarding Scott Dotson, the pilot that was shot down and killed in Vietnam.  He asked that a plaque be given to Scott Dotson's family for his service to our country.

Betty Cornett asked for a report on the convenience centers regarding how they are managed.



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30.




____________________    ____________________________

Clerk                              Chairman 

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