April 9, 2020
6:00 PM

Board Meetings are held at the Wise County Education Center (628 Lake Street NE in Wise, Virginia)
in Conference Room A.  Meetings beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Public Comment is taken during the designated "Public Expression" period as indicated below.
(Please Note:  Citizens' comments are limited to 5 minutes per person.)

Tentative Agenda (subject to change)

Call To Order

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Roll Call

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Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

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Discussion / Adjustment / Approval of Minutes – March 12, 2020)

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Approval of Agenda

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Ratify Setting Public Hearing on an Amendment to Dual Real Estate Tax Ticket Ordinance #4-1998
  • Set public hearing (4-9-2020 @ 6:00 p.m.) on amending the Dual Real Estate Tax Ticket Ordinance due date for May 31, 2020

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Public Hearings (6:00 PM)
  • A proposed Amendment the Dual Real Estate Tax Ticket Ordinance #4-1998 for the purpose of extending the May 31, 2020 real estate tax due date only until June 25, 2020
  • Setting proposed tax rate for FY 2020/2021

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  • None

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Public Expression

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Consent Agenda
  • Ratify the Declaration of Local Emergency for the County of Wise, Virginia
  • Resolution Setting the Property Tax Rate for FY 2020/2021
  • Amendment to Dual Real Estate Tax Ticket Ordinance #4-1998

  • Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement
  • Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement Between Contiguous Localities

  • Resolution of Support for City of Alexandria, Virginia

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Unfinished Business / Old Business
  • None

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New Business
  • Ordinance to Modify Public Meeting and Public Hearing Practices
  • Resolution Approving Lease Purchase Financing of Equipment

  • Budget Amendments
  • Appointments
  • Closed Session
    • Section 2.2-3711(A)(6) Investing of public funds
    •                            (A)(7) Consultation with legal counsel
    •                            (A)(1) Personnel
  • Resolution Closed Session Certification
  • County Administrator's Report
  • County Attorney's Report
  • Board Comments
  • Adjourn

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